Demo sessions provide an opportunity for interactive exchange with workshop participants and for demonstration of test-beds, simulation platforms and prototypes.

The following demo sessions have been accepted for WSA 2019:

28 GHz 5G NR mmWave demo, National Instruments

Circuit-EM co-simulation for matching networks and reconfigurable antennas, Markus Laudien, ANSYS

Wideband Solution Platform – 4 GHz bandwidth digitizer system with gap-free streaming and hours of recording for 5G wireless technology research and beyond, x.test, Keysight

OpenAirInterface 5G new radio demonstration, Florian Kaltenberger, Eurecom France

In this demo we will showcase the OpenAirInterface real-time opensource 5G-NR downlink (gNB and UE) based on software defined radio USRP N310 equipment. 

Real-time 60 GHz testbed for RF impairments compensation, Roman Marsalek, TU Brno

Software demonstration for millimeter-wave railway communications, Ke Guan, Beijing Jiaotong University

The Vienna cellular communication simulators, Stefan Pratschner, Martin Müller, TU Wien